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Why adopting is better than shopping - for YOU!

If you are considering getting a new member added to your family and are unsure of whether to purchase a dog- here are some pretty compelling reasons as to why you should adopt instead:

1. You will get a beautiful, healthy (usually house trained) animal

Rescue groups and shelters are bursting at the seams with healthy dogs that are waiting for their new family to take them home. These dogs are usually comfortable in domestic settings and with fellow humans and children- so you will be saving the time and money invested in home training your pet.

You will also usually be guaranteed a healthy dog, as the chances are that they will be in the best of hands while at the shelter. So when we hand over your companion to you, you can rest assured that he is strong and ready for his new home.

2. It’ll be much easier on your pockets

Aside from not having to house train your dog, you will also have the added benefit of the fact that an adoption costs next to nothing. Compared to buying a breeding dog, there is a minimal fee you need to pay us for your new dog. In addition to this- as breeders rarely care about the health of their dogs- these dogs tend to be bred poorly resulting in a range of congenital health issues that may not be covered by pet insurance.

3. We’re always here for any support you might require

As we have hundreds of new members join us every year- we understand that having a new pet in your family can be challenging in a myriad of ways. We are more than happy to provide any and all kinds of support to enable the best home experience for both you and your dog (be it emotional counseling, advice on caretaking/home training, or any other similar issues). Remember we are all well versed with caring for and fostering multiple dogs, and we’re more than happy to help you with yours!

4. You’re actually saving TWO dogs

We all know that animal shelters have limited space and funds. We work with what we have to give our beautiful dogs a chance at a great life and at the same

time try to never say no to a sick or abandoned dog. When you adopt from us, you give us the opportunity to give another animal the life they deserve, and that’s math you can’t argue with!

Aside from the obvious bragging rights of giving a beautiful animal a chance at a family, you will also be assisting in preventing animal abuse and the horrid experiences of breeding for thousands of dogs around the country- simply by adopting. Help us do the right thing for our four-legged friends and adopt now!

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