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Sponsor a dog 

Do you want to sponsor one of our long term residents?

Currently we have 2 long term residents, Cosmo and Luna. 

They are very special doggies who would require quite experienced owners to suit their needs. Finding their perfect humans is a challenging task as we want only what's best for them, even if that means staying longer in the Rescue. 

You can choose to sponsor one of them or to sponsor one of the doggies from our rehoming section. 

How does this work?

Click on the Paypal donate button, you can send us a one-off donation or set monthly payments. You can send as little as 5€ a month, every donation no matter how small means a lot. 

You can easily change or cancel this anytime in your PayPal setting, we understand that everyone's circumstances can change. 

Once you made your donation, please fill out the contact form with your details, name of the dog you want to sponsor and we will email you our beautiful Certificate of Sponsporship.

Can I gift a sponsorship to someone?

You can absolutely do so, it's a beautiful gift for your loved ones. 

We have beautiful special edition Christmas certificates for anyone looking to gift sponsorship for Christmas.

Follow the same process as above and just fill out the contact form with the name of the person receiving your gift certificate and name of the dog you wish to sponsor.

We will email your our beautiful Certificate of Sponsorship which you can print and give to your loved one. 

Our long tem residents

Cosmo copy.jpg


Cosmo is our elderly gentleman dog, he's 12 years of age and his little face shows his years. Cosmo started out with a spring in his step when he came to us, wanting to go out for his walks and play fetch all day, he loved everyone and lots of company around him. Sadly as the weeks went by and we were preparing him for his new forever home, we noticed a change in him, he started to make strange with some of the volunteers he had known well, he didn't want to go out for a walk and when he was out to play, he just wanted to go back to his familiar and safe bed. Cosmo has days where he doesn't want any fuss, he just wants to be left alone and let sleep so he'll need to be a one person dog in a very quiet home with someone who will be his best friend but let him be and not try to change him in any way, he just needs a retirement home to do as he pleases when he wants, no expectations, just patience, love and kindness.

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Luna copy.jpg


Luna is our little 4 year old heartbreaker, we love her cheeky personality and funny antics but she's not for the faint hearted or first time owner. Luna needs someone to take their time to build a relationship with her, someone with plenty of dog experience that can read her and know when to push her and when to back off, she doesn't trust quickly or easily. 
On top of that, Luna has proven to be quite the escape artist, clearing 6ft fences without issue at the Rescue Centre!
She has been assessed numerous times with both male and female dogs and she's having none of it, she wants to be an only girl in a home with no cats, she likes to chase them whenever she sees them because of her high prey drive.
Despite all of this, Luna is a very special girl and we know the right person will come for her one day

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