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Husky Rescue Ireland (HRI) was set up to alleviate the suffering caused to huskies by irresponsible ownership, abuse and neglect in Ireland. Due to the increase in akitas needing homes recently and lack of rescue space, we also dedicate our time rehoming them. HRI also aims to reduce the social impact of abandoned and un-neutered huskies and akitas in communities around Ireland.


Some of the key objectives of HRI are to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome healthy neutered dogs responsibly and to educate and provide support to the general public on responsible dog ownership and dog welfare. HRI aim to achieve the this through forging strong relationships with pounds and rescues throughout Ireland.


HRI will also provide each dog with high quality healthcare, training and ensure their basic needs are met. There are several beneficiaries to the work that HRI do, these include: the dogs themselves, state funded pounds throughout Ireland, new and potential owners through on going support and the general public through support and information provision.


While HRI is currently located in Co. Laois we rescue huskies the length and breadth of Ireland from pounds, as strays and owner surrenders

Husky Rescue Ireland aims to:​

  1. Represent and support the work of members of HRI who act on a voluntary basis to care and re-home unwanted, abandoned, stray and ill- treated huskies and akitas in Ireland.

  2. Provide care for all dogs in our protection to include: neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, grooming, exercise and food.

  3. Promote a responsible attitude by members of the public towards the ownership and welfare of huskies and akitas.

  4. Raise awareness amongst the pet-owning community of the benefits of microchipping their pets for identification purposes and the importance of updating these details.

  5. Advocate changes in the law in pursuance of the association’s purpose.

  6. Rehome abused, neglected or abandoned huskies and akitas in Ireland into safe, loving homes, in Ireland and abroad.

  7. Rehabilitate traumatized dogs and provide safe loving foster environments in which they can continue to develop and progress with a future view to permanent adoption.

  8. Maintain campaigns via the media, internet, information leaflets, advertisements etc. to promote HRI’s purpose.

  9. Educate adults and children on the work of HRI, animal welfare in Ireland and what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

  10. Support owners to keep a family pet, rather than surrender, through giving them advice, assessing their dog and/or referring them to other organisations/people such as dog trainers.

  11. Promote the work of and assist voluntary sector animal rescue groups and individuals in their campaigns and rehoming intention.

Husky Rescue Ireland Team

Below are the key members of the HRI team.


HRI Founder / Director


Rehoming Coordinator


Volunteer, microchip and transport coordinator

Fundraising and Events Coordinator

Laura L.

Homecheck Coordinator


Surrenders Coordinator


Merchandise Coordinator


Rehoming Team


Rehoming Team


Fundraising Team


Rehoming Team


Merchandise Team


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