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A dog is for life - not just for Christmas

Every year people gift cute little puppies to friends and family without proper thought. And every year rescues pick up the pieces. After Christmas we receive so many messages from people surrendering their dogs because:

'They got too big',

'A family member bought me a puppy but i didn't want one',

'The kids have lost interest'

We are urging people to please stop and think. Are you getting a dog because you have done research into this breed and because you have decided you are ready to commit to 10-16 years of looking after a dog or are you getting a dog because it's cute and fluffy and because it's Christmas?

In previous years we have stopped adoptions for over the Christmas period to urge people to really think about whether or not they want a dog for life. If, once all the hype of Christmas is over, you still want to add a new family member then we will proceed with the adoption. What better way to see if a dog is for you than fostering?

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