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In June 2020 I lost my beloved Zoia, a 13 year old Siberian husky who had been my constant companion for over a decade. I was just heartbroken. I mourned her very much and it took me almost a year to realize that although she could never be replaced, I did want a four legged companion in my life. And it had to be a husky! Having had two before, nothing quite compared after that!

I knew I didn't want a puppy again, and throughout the last year I had been following Husky Rescue Ireland on Instagram and was amazed and heart warmed by the work they do. I knew I wanted to adopt a rescue husky from them

The way to do that in Sweden is through a.local rehoming organization which I contacted. After some time, trial and error, Khya was suggested for me and I agreed. A very beautiful female around 5-6 years old. On the evening of May 30 th the Husky Rescue Ireland truck pulled up in a parking lot in southern Stockholm. I was expecting anything, buy not the immediate love and connection Khya and I had as soon as we said out first hellos. We have been inseparable ever since!  I was touched that Andy had brought her a  bag of her food that she was used to all the way from Ireland!

Over the coming months I updated Husky Rescue Ireland of Khya's progress and sent pictures. They always responded with interest and I could tell that Khya was important to them. Over time they were always interested in her health and happiness and I always felt I could turn to them for support and advice. The following summer Andy and one of his volunteers came by to visit her whilst delivering dogs in Sweden and that warmed my heart fo much! Khya knew them immediately and was so happy for the visit! These people really cared about their dogs ❤️

This past year I have had the great fortune to visit and volunteer at the centre. I flew over from Sweden wanting to give back to this amazing place. I have never known such hospitality and warmth. And above all - the dogs! Each and every one of the rescue dogs gets five star service on cleaning, feeding and care, but beyond all, they are loved! Andy does everything in his power to make them feel special, whether it's getting duck wing treats, trampolines and teddies  to play with, and lots of cuddles and encouragement. I have been to and lived in many places in the world, but this is by far my favourite, and that is because it is unconditionally full of heart. Every moment of Andy's and his partner's Taras time is spent in the pursuit of helping these dogs have a better life and find their new homes. I cannot thank or praise Husky Rescue Ireland enough.


Teresa Brilioth.


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