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Teach your kids while they're young

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Rescue Dogs or any dog for that matter don't come with a Step-By-Step Manual so we need to teach and educate our children on good behaviour when they are around them.

An adopted dog in a new home already has the stress of a new environment and new people and an unprepared child could result in an unfortunate unnecessary incident.

Protect your child, prevention is better than cure.

  • Teach them to behave around other people's dogs before they have one of their own, be kind, be gentle and be polite.

  • Teach them the responsibility of dog ownership - feeding, walking, picking up poo etc.

  • Teach them to have empathy for animals in general, explain that they also feel pain and hurt like we do, they have feelings and emotions and they need care and love. A dog is not a toy, it's a living being.

  • Teach them that the cute puppy will grow up to be an adult; its wants and needs will change as it grows.

  • Teach them how to play games safely with their pets - Fetch, Hide & Seek and tricks that can be easily taught to their pet, like "Sit", "Paw" etc., make it fun for both the dog and the child.

  • Teach them to read the signs of when their dog is not comfortable, when it is scared, frightened or anxious and what to do if it happens.

Teach them all the things they should not do;

  • Do not interfere with the dog when it is eating (ever!).

  • Be careful taking toys/bones from the dog.

  • Do not put their face too close to the dog, they might feel threatened or uncomfortable.

  • If the dog is asleep, let it sleep.

  • Do not pull at the dog's ears, tail etc.

  • Do not try to sit or climb on top of the dog.

  • Do not scream or shout at the dog.

  • Not all dogs like to be hugged, if they don't then don't.

Adopted dogs can breathe new life into families but they deserve owners who are prepared and dedicated to give them their best effort.

A child who grows up properly with a dog learns valuable life lessons and they always have someone they can count on.

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