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Thinking of adopting an Akita? Here's my experience of the breed.

Thinking of adopting an Akita? Have you done any research?

Here is my experience of the breed.

The Akita

Having owned Akitas and sadly losing my soulmate in February, you see that they really are a unique breed. Suki was 13 and, boy, did she cause me heartache, headaches, tears, tantrums... but I would never let her down. I loved her with my heart and soul just like she did me.

After having her from 8 weeks old, she taught me lots. I gained a lot of experience but I’m still learning! You never stop learning as every dog is so different. But with the experience you gain knowledge and can read them better. It’s a partnership like no other.

So: be prepared, make sure you are committed 110%. If not, then don’t do it!

You, the owner

A strong breed in body and mind, they need an owner who’s prepared to put in the time to train them. Be prepared for their traits as Akitas are not for everyone. They have extreme strength and endurance and they need a challenge, otherwise they get bored... and they do get bored easily.

Akitas are very intelligent, so don’t be fooled by their sometimes lazy manner. If someone is not treating them right, or they sense a person is less caring to them, they won’t respond to them and this is where the frustration begins between owner and dog.

They want an owner who is dedicated to them and respects them. If this is the case, then you have a loyal friend for life.

They are an affectionate and loyal dog. They will become a loyal family member who is happy to be an only dog and can be aggressive towards other dogs. However, socialised properly, they can tolerate other dogs.

Akitas don’t do well as a pack animal and work better as an only dog or as a pair (Male/female). In some cases they do live in a pack, but this is down to very experienced owners and when a lot of hard work is put in.

They have a natural instinct to guard and only bark when necessary. They should never be used as a guard dog!

Akitas are a house dog and should be indoors with their family, they also adapt to the heat and can stick the cold, but not as much as the Husky.

Living with an Akita

They will follow you everywhere. Even to the loo. So, be prepared for a shadow. This is because they love your company and want to protect you. They don’t like to be locked in one place or be away from you and they most will love people unless they haven’t been well socialised.

Akitas can be wary of people entering the home. So, please keep this in mind as they feel they need to protect at all times. This goes for the children in the home - Akitas will have the same loyalty for them.

Akitas are very clean and very rarely smell. They will constantly groom themselves, but you will need to keep on top of this as they have a two coats and will shed a lot of hair. Please do not bathe an Akita regularly - they don’t need it. Their coat self cleans and this is what makes them the ideal house dog as well as being house trained from early.

Akitas are:

  • Dignified

  • Aloof

  • Independent

  • Stubborn

  • Alert

  • Faithful

  • Friendly

  • Protective

  • Courageous

  • Awkwardness

  • Sensitive

  • Selective hearing

  • Loyal

They do not respond well to someone being heavy handed, shouting or regimental training. By this, I mean they do not respond to forceful training.

In summary: mutual respect

Treat them with respect and they will do the same with you. They do respond to a lot of praise and treat training and please never underestimate the strength and fearlessness of an Akita!!!

Having an Akita as a pet is like having a child-like best friend who is part human. When you are upset they know. When you poorly they know... and they seem to know before you.

You will definitely not be lonely with an Akita by your side.

Please do your research on the breed as they aren’t for everyone. The Akita is an amazing breed of dog and your companion will be your friend for life.

Thank you, Tara and The Husky Rescue Ireland Team

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