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Our Amazon wishlist

A small amazon wish list for us doggies at HRI

Hello my beautiful humans, we hope you have had a fantastic year- as we sure have had because of all your help- and for that we will always be grateful!

While we are happy and content that we are loved and cared for and that we get to play with our brothers & sisters every day we see that it is sometimes a struggle for our human companions at HRI to be able to give us everything we need on a daily basis. We gently ask you for your help, even a small purchase could mean the world to us this new year!

  1. Blankets, duvets, and bedding

While we are used to colder temperatures sometimes our fur is not enough to keep us warm at night, especially during the winter months. While we see our humans doing the best they can to keep our bedding as fresh and clean as possible we do realise it can be quite a task for them. We request you to please help us out with some warm bedding so we can stay snug and toasty at night!

Purchase here:

  1. Toys

We spend a lot of time alone in our runs and we love playing with our toys when we’re by ourselves. We associate them with happy memories and feel a sense of comfort with them. Please help us by purchasing a few toys so none of our brothers & sisters ever feel lonely.

Purchase here:

  1. Treats

What is life without a few delicious treats? We love it when our humans give us treats to have and we use it as an opportunity to bond with many new humans as well- as we love to do! Please help us out by buying us the treats we look forward to every day!

Purchase here:

We thank you so much for make our days even more bright and beautiful and our nights comfortable and cosy! We love you!

Many kisses,

The doggies at HRI

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