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2021 Success stories

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

.We here at HRI ensure that we treasure all the moments possible with our beautiful dogs, and while we’re always sad to see them go, we are truly blessed to have some wonderful families adopt them and give them fantastic lives they deserve. We are so proud to mention that we have rehomed 101 dogs and have rescued 146 lives in 2021! We are also grateful for all the assistance we have received this year in the form of donations, contributions, and fostering that enabled us to keep our dogs alive, happy and healthy!

We share below some of our lovely success stories this year.



When Bear came to us, he was a whopping 77.5kg😳!, very much too heavy for his poor joints to be carrying around but thanks to Ben, Jayne and his furry sister, Roxy (also a Rescue Girl❤), he is now a leaner, fitter and happier boy.💙

This was done by proper diet and adjusting his exercise as he progressed and was able for more, it took time and patience by his new owners but they put their heart and soul into it and Bear reaped the benefits.💞

Thanks to Ben and Jayne for helping this gentle giant transform into a much healthier boy.🙏



Rex was 13yrs old, skin and bones, hairless, sunburnt and had a massive tumour when he came to us.

Thanks to Eileen and her lovely family for aiding and giving Rex a new lease on his life!



We were devastated for Blaize when he had to be rehomed again but it's all behind him now, he's very settled and loving his new life.🐾

Mandy fell in love with him from the start and he is now a huge part of her life and is loved beyond measure.💕

Blaize loves the beach and all his new adventures, he's a very happy boy and we are absolutely thrilled for him.😍

Big thank you to Mandy for adopting this adorable husky and giving him his forever home, well done.🙏🏡



Sam finally found his forever home and his very own family plus his very own furry playmate 😆 This guy has his problems but they are little and thanks to Miriam Bowe for adopting Our Sam 💙 We thought he’d be with us for a long time and thankfully he got his saving grace.

Thank you Miriam and family, he looks amazing and so happy 💙



Lola has landed herself in a great home with Maeve and her family.💕

She has a furry brother called Tom that she is never too far away from, they are great friends and very happy together.🤗

Despite house rules being "no dogs on the bed", she was the exception on Day 2, go Lola!😂

We are delighted for Lola and very grateful to Maeve and her family for giving her a loving home.🙏


In addition to the above, we are so grateful to have had some lovely street collections, fundraisers, and donations this year. 2021 has been a great year for us and the doggies, and we look forward to a fantastic 2022! Thank you!

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