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Our golden oldie 💙

Long Term resident Cosmo:

Cosmo turned 13 this year and for that age he is doing really well apart from slowing down a bit and a few other issues he's doing ok for his age.

Cosmo came to us after his owner sadly passed away and no one could look after him and from then he's became our permanent resident as he can't be rehabilitated to be adopted.

Cosmo is very happy where he is, he has his favourite people who he plays ball with, he gets his favourite treats and most of all he's safe and has a home with all of us. He also has a sponser mom who often sends him a bag full of goodies and his fave toy of all is a ball ⚽️, he has 10 the last time we counted and that's probably still not enough but the main thing is he's happy and gets everything he needs.

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