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Doggies looking for home

As this year comes to an end, we here at Husky Rescue Ireland appreciate all the families who have assisted us in adopting our beautiful doggies and giving them a happy and healthy life. However we still have miles to go in order to get all our lovely animals the homes they deserve:

Long Term Residents:

Currently, we have 3 long-term residents, Cosmo, Kai, and Luna.

They are very special doggies who would require quite experienced owners to suit their needs. Finding their perfect humans is a challenging task as we want only what's best for them, even if that means staying longer in the Rescue.


Doggies up for immediate adoption


This 5 year old male Akita/ Malinois is very friendly but loves his own space. He would live happily as an only dog but would require an experienced owner.



This 3 year old female Akita/Malinois is our miss independent. She is cheeky and funny with lots of energy and could possibly live with a male dog, but would require an experienced owner.



This 3-4 year old male Akita is a very friendly, very large dog. He could potentially be rehomed with a suitable female dog his size. He would do well as an only dog as well, and would ideally fit in with someone who works from home- as he loves company.



This 4 year old female is very friendly and playful, albeit a small size husky. She can live with children who are 10+ years of age.



Tyson is a 1 year old Akita who is quiet, but friendly. It might take him some time to let you in but he could happily live on his own or with a compatible female. An akita experienced owner would be required for him.



This 7 year old is a big, friendly husky. He can live with a female and preferably an experienced husky family.



This 6 year old female husky is very friendly and affectionate. She is low energy however she still needs shorter walks. She has fantastic temperament and can be rehomed with a suitable male.



This 2 year old female husky is very happy, friendly and affectionate. She has a beautiful temperament and can live with a suitable male.



This 6/7 year old husky is very friendly and affectionate and would ideally live with a famiy and a male. Children would have to be more than 10 years of age.



This akita cross is female, 1+ years old and is very dominant. She loves people and might live with another dog but definitely not a female dog. Older children preferable.


We at HRI are available for any additional queries you may have on any of our beautiful doggies, and we are happy to assist in any way possible to make your adoption journey as easy as possible. Please do get in touch if you have a home for any of our lovely doggies.

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