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Display a Husky Rescue Ireland Coin Box at your Business!

Thank you for considering ​to offer your support to Husky Rescue Ireland!


At Husky Rescue Ireland, we rescue huskies and akitas from the length and breadth of Ireland. This means taking dogs from pounds, as strays and when their owners surrender them.

We're delighted you're thinking of helping us to take care of all these beautiful souls.

If your business would like to display a Husky Rescue Ireland coin box, we need to ask you to fill out an application form. A member of our fundraising team will then get in touch with you to complete the simple setup process. 

The main thing to know about displaying a coin box is that we'll require that you regularly count the money collected and lodge it directly to Husky Rescue Ireland's bank account, notifying us of the lodgement amount and date so we can provide a receipt. 

If you have any questions before you apply, you can contact the fundraising team at

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