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Our adoption process and what you can expect during your home check

Rescue is not easy.

Day in, day out we have dogs coming in to us from every angle... pounds, private surrenders, strays...

Whatever their story, they're all the same... neglected, dumped, unwanted. Some cope better in rescue, some never get used to kennel life... either or - they have all been failed by humans and are all fragile.

That is why we have home checks in place.

Some people still get awkward when we send out an application form or when their home checks get a fail. This is not to insult anyone, but to check the suitability of each home and family for a particular dog. These dogs have been through enough and their welfare and wellbeing are our first and foremost goal.

Please think into the future before deciding to adopt and please, work with us as everything we do is for the dogs


1. We will send you an adoption application form to fill out that looks for vital information about you, your family and your home.

2. If we are happy with the application, we will organise a home check.

3. You need to have a secure garden, that being a fully fenced garden with a minimum of 6ft fence/wall all around (5ft for an Akita), with nothing around the perimeter that the dogs can catapult off as they are escape artists and jumpers.

If you don't have a secure garden, a purpose built dog pen of good size, attached to your house, is an alternate solution.

4. If you have any other pets, it is imperative that they are neutered (unless age or health are preventing that)

5. Sleeping quarters - Huskies and Akitas require an indoor sleeping area and it is a requirement that they are kept indoors at night.

6. Exercise - they require at least 1-2 hours a day. We strongly advise against letting your Husky off the lead unless in a secure dog park. They have a strong prey drive and will run forever given the chance.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not worth the risk.

7. They need mental stimulation. An amused husky will cause little to no destruction.

8. Love & attention - all they want is to be your best friend.

9. They do not like being left alone - they are by nature a pack animal & will see you as their pack leader.

If you work long hours, you will either need someone to look in on your husky or think about a dog minder or daycare. They can become destructive if left alone for long periods of time.

10. Feeding - some huskies have intolerance to grain (not all) so be prepared for the possibility of having to source grain free food.

11. If you've taken all of the above on board, are fully committed and you've passed your home check, you are then ready to visit the centre to meet the dogs and pick the one right for you.

If applying for a particular dog, you will still need to visit the centre for a meet and greet before going ahead with adoption.

If you have any questions or queries, please send us a message.

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