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The most commonly asked question at Husky Rescue Ireland

The most common question we get asked at Husky Rescue Ireland is "Do you have any husky puppies?".

But, why do you want a Puppy?

We love cute, fluffy and adorable puppies the same as everyone else but here's a few reasons why we think a dog a little older might be more suitable for most applicants.

Do you really know how big a puppy is going to get?

Firstly, when you get your new puppy you assume it will be "X" amount of pounds and "X" amount of inches in height when it's fully grown. But how do you know?

What if the puppy isn't a pure bred and it's been crossed with a much bigger dog? You'll only find out when it's too late and might find yourself heartbroken.

With a mature dog, what you get is what you see.

All the training... and all the cleaning

Secondly, pups are basically babies who depend on you to teach them everything - where not to pee or poo, what to eat and what not to eat, how to walk on a lead or with a harness, what is dangerous and safe etc. Most mature dogs have the basics covered.

What's their personality going to be like?

Thirdly, pups can go from cute to terrorist in 10 seconds flat. Mature dogs have a baseline personality, what you see is what you get, no surprises. Pups need almost 24/7 supervision - mature dogs can be left alone for longer periods as they are more independent.

"Pups can go from cure to terrorist in 10 seconds flat."

And remember all the costs

Fourthly, despite what people assume, pups are actually more costly than older pets for veterinary care. Pups need multiple vaccinations and are prone to all sorts of diseases and infections because they are so young. Except for the odd exception, mature dogs generally just need their annual boosters.

What do you get with a mature rescue dog?

A mature dog is definitely a wiser option. But even better is a mature rescue dog. These guys have life experience, they know it can be tough out there. So they really appreciate a loving owner and a comfortable home.

On top of that, rescue dogs are assessed before they are rehomed. You will know whether they are comfortably suited to situations like children in the home, other pets, garden space etc.

So have a good long think before you part with huge amounts of money to the person who tells you they really love these dogs and are not in it for the money (when they clearly are!).

A mature dog will not cost you much (most fees do not even cover the costs of vet work, food etc. that a rescue centre provides for them) but their value to your life will be immeasurable.

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