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Before you apply, please think it through carefully

This post appeared on our Facebook page on 1st March 2019. We wanted to share the impact on dogs at the centre when adoption applications are half hearted.

It is as true now as it was then. So, please do have a read. We hope it will help you to consider whether you are definitely ready to adopt a dog.

Original post

We're asking you to please think, before you act... and here's why.

1K+ likes...2K+ shares...900+ comments... plenty of messages to the page from Sam's last post... We're heartbroken to tell you he is still here, looking for a home.

So many people messaged in wanting to offer this boy a home that we had to start telling people we aren't taking any more applications. However, half the people never sent back the form, some failed the home check, and some that passed decided they no longer wanted to adopt him. Where does that leave Sam? Back to square one.

It's not about wasting our time, it's not us that suffers... It's the dogs who end up being here longer than they have to. If you would like to rehome a dog then please really consider it. Do you have time for a new dog, the space, do your whole family agree, does your landlord agree, is the fence 6ft, etc... if it's yes to all the above and you are 100% committed to adopting a dog then message the page.

It's not only Sam. This happens all the time to plenty of dogs, so many of them have been let down because people didn't think beforehand. If you want to adopt then commit from the start. Take a few more days to think it through and make your application when you're 100% sure that you'll be able to go through with the long road.

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