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Thinking of Adopting a Rescue Dog? Here's what you can expect

Thinking of adopting a Rescue Dog?

If you are considering adopting a Rescue Dog, please understand the stages that the dog goes through until he/she finally settles into their new home.

In the first 3 Days

They will feel overwhelmed - they might be scared and unsure of what's going on. They're not comfortable enough to be themselves. They may not want to eat or drink. They might just want to curl up under a table or chair. They are testing their boundaries.

After 3 weeks

They start to settle in. They feel more comfortable. They think it could be possible that this is their forever home. They have figured out their surroundings. They are getting into a routine. They can relax a little and show some of their personality. Behaviour issues may start.

After 3 months

They feel completely comfortable in their new home - they trust you and have a bond - they feel secure with their new family - they have settled into a routine - they have found their new family.

PLEASE give your new friend a little time, be patient.

DON'T throw in the towel.

GIVE them a chance, they just want to be loved.

We know it can be a learning curve. We are always here for the families that adopt dogs from Husky Rescue Ireland, supporting them to help the dogs settle in and lead a happy life in their wonderful new home.

If you'd like to see the dogs that are looking for their new home right now, visit our rehoming page.

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