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Dog theft prevention tips - don't let your dog be next

Unfortunately dog theft is on the rise so please be very vigilant and protect your furry friend from being another statistic.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Never leave your dog unattended, especially in a car, tied to a railing outside a shop or in a backyard if you are not home.

  2. Although it is now law, some dogs still have no microchip or incorrect details registered to the microchip they have. Please ensure that your pet is microchipped and registered correctly.

  3. Ensure your dog has an ID Tag: just your contact number. Refrain from putting their name on the tag, this makes it easier for a thief as they will know the dog's name.

  4. Be wary of over-friendly strangers on your walking route or in parks, never let them take pictures with your dog.

  5. Research your potential Dog-sitter/Walker and Boarding Kennels if you plan on using them. Ask for references and then check them out.

  6. Ensure that you have adequate fencing and a locked gate so that your dog never gets out and away from you.

  7. Always have them in your view out walking, in parks, at shows etc.

  8. Keep them safe, keep them close.

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