Our campaign on Global Giving to build a vet care fund for abused dogs

We are ​currently struggling to save all the akitas that have ended up in Ireland's pounds - please help us cover the vet bills!

Huskies, akitas and malamutes are breeds of dog that have been popularised by TV shows and by celebrities in recent years. As a result, Ireland has thousands of dogs that have been bred to satisfy consumer demand. Sadly, more and more huskies, akitas and malamutes are being neglected, mistreated and made homeless. Husky Rescue Ireland is taking in dogs that are starving, malnourished, neglected, abused and injured. Almost all require some kind of veterinary intervention when they arrive.

The creation of a veterinary fund for our charity simply means this: many more huskies and akitas will be on the road to recovery after neglect, ill treatment and homelessness. Since the Covid-19 lockdown many dogs, especially akitas, have been surrendered by their owners or turned up at dog pounds. We are the only rescue in Ireland which actually takes in akitas. Your support will mean they can be fed well, their ailments and injuries can be treated and these dogs can be happily rehomed.

The setup of the veterinary fund will go on to help many hundreds of dogs over the next years. The long term impact means faster time to recovery for these dogs and allow us to rehome them with responsible new owners quickly. Our ability to take in, rehabilitate and rehome huskies, akitas and malamutes means more dogs will be saved from life on the streets and even death since there are always many more dogs requiring rescue than we have space for at our centre.

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