Giving Asha's puppies the best start in life

Asha and her litter of 7 healthy puppies

Meet Asha. She’s an Akita who came to Husky Rescue Ireland from the pound after being found as a stray. That was just three weeks ago as we write this post, and she was in a miserable state.


Since then, it’s all been quite a whirlwind. We started to notice that Asha’s belly was drooping soon after she arrived. A visit to the vet confirmed she was heavily pregnant.


On Saturday 9 May, Asha went into labour. We waited as two pups were delivered but things were not easy for her. Our team rushed Asha to the vet and her puppies were delivered via a c-section. Seven puppies were healthy but, sadly, two were stillborn.


Asha returned with us to the HRI centre that same day. But on Sunday, she was not looking so good. We took her back to the vets and she was much worse than we had imagined. A kidney infection and elevated liver enzymes were diagnosed, meaning the liver was not working properly either. There were some moments when the vet thought she would not make it. We dreaded the prospect that her puppies may never see their mother again.


Happily, we can report that Asha has pulled through all this terrible misfortune and, six days after leaving them, was reunited with her puppies. For the team who had been feeding her babies every 2 hours for the past days and looking after their every need, it was a magical moment to see them reunited and Asha so happy once again.


Asha is turning out to be a wonderful mother. Her puppies are growing well and she keeps them absolutely spotless every day. She is a dog so full of love, despite everything she has been through including, we suspect, being made homeless by her owners when she became pregnant and needed their support the most.


The aim behind this fundraiser is to help Asha and her family gain the best start in life by ensuring their needs are fully met in terms of all the veterinary care that go along with raising a big puppy litter. The surprise of Asha’s pregnancy, the C-section, the 6 day admission and the ongoing care of the big family have been increasing and we expect them to reach €1,970 in total by the time that the puppies go to their new homes, which will be carefully selected and checked by our rehoming team. This is a lot to handle for a small, volunteer run charity and this is why we are reaching out for help in this small project to make their lives healthy and happy.


Husky Rescue Ireland is often footed with large vet bills that begin to make up for the years of neglect and mistreatment that dogs who come into our care have previously been victims of.  This appeal is one of a kind and we hope you will take a moment to read Asha’s story and consider a contribution.


Thank you.

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