Breed and age

Akita, male​

Date moved in at HRI

9 June 2020

Ready for rehoming since

Rocky is still being helped to recover but if you read his story and ​wan to help this wonderful chap by taking him into your home to pamper him as he deserves, please contact the rehoming team.

He's right for you if...

You've had experience with the Akita breed before and have lots of love and patience to give Rocky as he gets well and learns to trust humans.

Update on 01 September 2020


Rocky has no idea what his life should have been like before he came to us a few months back, he only knew darkness and noises that he didn't understand because he lived in a warehouse, just him and his brother.

Both dogs were terrified when they came out and it's been a long road to recovery for them and still is. Shamie, his brother, secured a home already and now we really need to find Rocky his and hopefully, an owner he can trust and build a loving bond with, something he has never known before. Because he never had the opportunity to experience the life and social skills he needed, he can sometimes be worried when he encounters busy or new experiences, he can become overwhelmed and afraid.

Rocky will need an owner who will be prepared to spend time introducing him to new things and encourage him not to see them as a threat. He will need a quiet calm home so he won't be overwhelmed. We don't know how he is with children or cats. He may get along with a female pending a successful meet and greet.

Above all Rocky will need someone who will be patient, someone to take things very slow with him and understand that he wants to interact and enjoy his life, he just doesn't know how and it can be frustrating for him.

Rocky is an adorable boy and it's heart-wrenching to see him at the Centre when we know he would make such a beautiful pet to the right owner, he has so much love to give.

Update on 20 August 2020

Rocky is an amazing akita who was cast aside by people he thought were his friends, he trusted them, he thought they loved him and then he realised himself and his brother Shamie meant nothing to them.

Rocky lived in a warehouse, he wasn't allowed out to play, he never got walked, in fact he never seen daylight, he lived within those 4 walls, that was his life.


Thankfully he came to us and we have been working with him, gaining his trust, trying to take away all the fear, the nervousness and anxiety that he felt.


Rocky has come a long way but instead of seeing different volunteers up and down, he needs some stability, someone who will be there regularly, someone who cares about him and be his best friend.

He will need a quiet home so he's not overwhelmed. We don't know how he would react to children or cats. He might get along with a female if a suitable calm lady had a meet and greet with him.


He is an adorable boy and while it's great to see him get better and better each day, it's heartbreaking to see him at the Rescue when we know he has so much more to give if he only had that someone special to give it to.


If you can come get Rocky, please do or if you know the ideal owner for him, please let them know so they can get in touch.

Apply to the Rehoming Team to find out more.

Special appeal from Andy Cullen on 3 August 2020

Please, please share this folks and help me find a foster home for poor Rocky . He is the brother of Shamie who recently got adopted.

These are the Akitas that lived in a shed and never got out until they were seized by Kerry pound. Rocky is nervous but is starting to do really well on his walks.


I don't know what he would be like with small kids or cats and I'd love to find him a foster or forever home asap. A quiet ish home preferred with no dogs or maybe a calm female dog depending on a meet and greet.

Update on 30 July 2020


Rocky came in with his brother Shamie a few weeks back. They were both kept in a warehouse where they had no human interaction and never got outside, so much that when they did come out they were dazed by the light, it hurt their eyes. 


Shortly after this, we had to take Rocky to the vet because he stumped his foot and when he was in getting that sorted, the vet discovered he had a large tumour on his chest, thankfully it was caught in time and removed.

Rocky's sight continues to be an everyday struggle for him, we think he could be partially blind which adds to his stress. We are trying to get an appointment for him at UCD Veterinary Clinic to see how much damage has actually been done.


On top of his sight issue, Rocky doesn't hear very well so we will have to have his ears checked out and treated also


Possibly because of these issues and the background he has had, Rocky is still terrified and anxious all the time. We hope to bring a Dog Behaviourist on board when we get to the bottom of his eyesight and hearing issues.

Update on 3 July 2020


We managed to get Shamie & Rocky out for a short walk, they were terrified from the start and had to be encouraged literally inch by inch all the way. They were freaking out by day-to-day stuff that they would never have known before - wind sounds in the trees, lawnmowers in the distance, tractors passing etc.


They were relieved to get back to the safety of their run when it was all over. Shortly after this, we had to take Rocky to the vet because he stumped his foot and when he was in getting that sorted, the vet discovered he had a tumour on his side, thankfully it was caught in time and removed.


These boys are doing well but we still have a lot to do, Shamie still has to get to the vet for his check-up and Rocky has to have a follow-up.

Update on 19 June 2020

Seamus & Rocky are two brothers who were kept in a warehouse so long that when we got them out, the daylight actually hurt their eyes.

They were absolutely terrified and it took a lot of time for them to trust us enough to allow us to bring them here. We have no idea of their ages as we haven't been able to get them to the vets yet, they are too anxious and nervous.


One of these boys (Rocky) depends on the other so much that he is always just inches from him, it's very sad.

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