Breed and age

Akita, male, 11 years old​

Date moved in at HRI

2 June 2020

Ready for rehoming since

3 August 2020

He's right for you if...

You've had experience with the Akita breed before and have lots of love and patience to give Rocky as he gets well and learns to trust humans.

Special appeal from Andy Cullen on 3 August 2020

Please, please share this folks and help me find a foster home for poor Rocky . He is the brother of Shamie who recently got adopted.

These are the Akitas that lived in a shed and never got out until they were seized by Kerry pound. Rocky is nervous but is starting to do really well on his walks.


I don't know what he would be like with small kids or cats and I'd love to find him a foster or forever home asap. A quiet ish home preferred with no dogs or maybe a calm female dog depending on a meet and greet.

Update on 3 August 2020


Kimbo's story is horrendous, he has been through hell and back and deserves more than any of us could give him to make up for the misery caused to this beautiful gentle soul.

Before he got to us here at the Centre, he existed on his own for 6 months in a garden with nobody to interact with from morning until night, extremely lonely and with no understanding of why this was happening to him. He did get some food but it was passed through a window and then that window was closed again for what must have felt like an eternity to him until the next time.


While most dogs aren't overly impressed to be with us at the Centre, it feels like heaven for Kimbo, he finally has people to spend time with him and while we all love him, we want whats best for him.


We are looking for a loving retirement home for Kimbo where he can finally feel loved and cared for. We would like him to be the only pet, no other dogs or cats, he has been through enough so totally stress free is what we are after. We think its best if there are no small children in the house too, being 11 years old, it would be too much for him. On top of his age, neglect has started to cause issues with his sight and possibly his hearing, both are deteriorating, he needs a quiet calm home where he can relax.


We really want his retirement years to be full of care, compassion and love in abundance, if you can provide this for him, please get in touch with the Rehoming Team now, the Rescue Centre is no place for him.

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