Breed and age

Akita, 3 years, male​

Date moved in at HRI

June 2020

Ready for rehoming since

June 2020

He's right for you if...

If you have experience with the Akita breed.

Update on 7 August 2020

Kai almost 3 years old, he’s an Akita who has a mind of his own and likes his own space. He’s a ladies man, he just loves them and loves the attention they give him, he’s not so keen on males and I’m talking about humans here until he gets to know you more which takes time and patience.

He is VERY sensitive around his neck area and does not like to be rubbed or petted too roughly and this is more and likely due to his previous owner. Once he trusts you he’s your best friend but you have to respect him and his needs or he will do nothing for you. This is typical Akita behaviour, if they sense something isn’t right or you are being too hard on them they won’t budge for you they’ll do nothing and they will not like you. They are super sensitive and their feelings are hurt easily so be patient with them.

Kai needs an experienced owner as he does have some issues with trusting so if you feel that he is the one then you will need to put a little work in and visit him on a few occasions not just the once!

Please no time wasters!

Kai is a lovely dog, he loves his cuddles and his walks which he is great on the lead, there’s no pulling he just loves being out and about. He needs a home ASAP he’s been let down a lot in his short life and he needs an owner to love him the way he will love them.

Are you that person?

Then message the page.

Update on 7 July 2020

Kai is a special soul to us and sadly he hasn’t had the best start in life from being dumped and then going to an inexperienced owner who almost broke him. Furious yes which is why we have him back with us.

What can I say about him? Well, first off these photos don’t do him justice as in reality he’s just gorgeous with a shiny white coat and those big brown eyes just longing for a loving forever home.

Kai is a bundle of fun, he loves human company and will play with you for hours if you have the free time that is he’d rather have human company to other dogs so we would like him adopted out as an only dog! He could live with older kids in their teenager years and up and only because he can be bouncy and sometimes a little rough play so we would hate for a child to be knocked over.

Kai has an amazing personality, I know once he’s in a home and he starts to trust you he’ll be a super pet and companion.

As Kai is an Akita we ask for experienced applicants only and a secure garden and by secure that means a 5ft or over fencing and walls.

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